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High-Performance Innovation

Founded in 2011, OLogN Technologies is a research and development company focused on developing ground-breaking security technologies aiming to curb both malware impact and phishing threats in both consumer and enterprise environments.

Our Vision

Utilizing our considerable inter-disciplinary experience in designing and delivering successful technological solutions to complex business problems, we have found that certain problems in security world, which are traditionally considered virtually impossible to solve within single field, can apparently be tackled, based on cross-disciplinary approach. This has brought us to the creation of the Cloud Bastion™ security architecture, which, on the one hand, is based on existing and proven security technologies wherever possible, but on the other hand, goes much farther to achieve very important practical improvements.

Our Cloud Bastion™ hardware-based security architecture makes it possible to create apps, which are essentially immune from both malware (except for denial of service) and phishing (except for gross negligence). In addition, we hope to make significant progress in achieving provable security both for Cloud Bastion™ itself, and for apps running under Cloud Bastion™. If this effort succeeds, it will be the very first time when practical system achieves provable security.

OLogN Technologies AG

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Office Hours: 9-5 Mon-Fri
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Landstrasse 123
LI-9495 Triesen

Our office is located in beautiful Rhein Valley within Principality of Liechtenstein.